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DEC Rolls Out New Plan For Dealing With Mute Swans

Humans are overconsuming, polluting and destroying... and we are the ones that brought the swans here. Perhaps it's not the swans that need to be eradicated..." Mar 11, 15 1:26 PM

Flashing Lights Experiment To Ease Traffic On County Road 39 Won't Happen By Memorial Day

How about charging licensed contractors from outside the Town of Southampton an extra fee for doing business here? Maybe people would be more likely to use local labor instead of Nassau and western Suffolk contractors to do their work. That is the real issue here." May 16, 15 10:15 AM

Hampton Bays Residents Sue To Stop Shinnecock Canal Projects

It is the developers who leave the site as an eyesore, so the community will beg to let them do whatever they want. They could knock all the buildings down and build condos on the west side and restaurants/hotel on the east side with no opposition or change of zone needed. They are trying to maximize their profits, plain and simple. At the expense of the community." May 22, 15 12:59 PM

Hampton Bays Village Exploration Pushes Ahead With Incorporation Plans

So they expect to run a village 4x the size of WHB for 1/3 the budget? Umm... somebody's math seems a little off here. Good luck with that." Jul 9, 15 10:00 PM

Transgender Students Face Difficulties At Public Schools, Report Says

Horrified as usual by some of the callous comments made here. It's about time this is recognized as an issue facing some kids and educating the administrators on how best to help them is hardly asking for special treatment." Jul 9, 15 10:06 PM

Pending Southampton Town Attorney Appointment Leads To Political Squabble

The only thing "hurtful and scary" is this guy. He is an unethical lowlife whose only concern is money. Besides being unqualified for the job, why would a Democratic-controlled administration want to rely on a Republican who ran a campaign against Democrats for legal advice? Take this one as a loss Hagan, you're out of your depth. Go chase another ambulance." Feb 25, 16 8:36 PM

Suffolk County Planning Commission Approves Southampton Town's Proposed PDD Moratorium

Maybe if the last town board was capable of making fair and smart decisions on the existing PDDs, there would not be a need to repeal this law. It's too bad the tool will be going away but it's not the current administration's fault. Blame the last one for reckless inaction." May 9, 16 8:52 AM

Hamptons Summer Colony Well Represented In Trump Cabinet

Steven Mnuchin made billions by buying failing S&L IndyMac and proceeding to foreclose on tens of thousands of homeowners during the housing crisis, against the recommendations of financial experts that advised renegotiation.

KT McFarland outed her brother who she had shunned because he was dying of AIDS.

Wilbur Ross made his fortune by buying bankrupt businesses and turning them around by slashing jobs and pensions, aka Gordon Gekko.

Seems to me like the swamp is dirtier than ever." Dec 1, 16 9:15 AM

DACA Recipients Fear For Their Futures

Figures all the haters come out on this topic. So happy to see I live in such a welcoming and forward-thinking place. What a gutter." Sep 14, 17 8:51 AM

Southampton Town Officials Discuss Upgrades To Maritime Park At Canal In Hampton Bays

Hostage?? Yes make them give us 300K to spend on a park that's only going to benefit the CPI and condos they're building! Oh please, they were laughing all the way to the bank." Jan 29, 18 9:23 AM

New Owners Of Former Hampton Bays Diner Plan To Maintain Building As An Eatery

There is more than enough population to support a diner, an Italian restaurant, or better yet something HB doesn't yet have. The reason the diner and Friendly's failed is simple - the food sucked. Look at the places where the food is actually good: Hamptons Farms, Edgewater, Rumba, Centro, One North, even farther west at the Moriches Bay Diner. If the food is good, people will come. And all of those places have a mix of pricey and cheaper options. If it's done correctly, any restaurant can survive there." Feb 6, 18 9:13 AM

New State Law Requires Agencies To Pay Attorney Fees For Many Denied FOIL Requests

On the flip side, the law is very unfair, anyone can submit an open-ended FOIL request e.g. "Give me every document and email that this person has ever created" and the agency has to comply. Often these requests are done around election time for political purposes. And guess what? The taxpayer is paying for the agency staff time to fulfill these frivolous requests. The law needs to change!" Feb 7, 18 11:48 AM

'The Hills' Developer Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against Southampton Town For Rejecting PDD

The Town Board can decide however it wants on a PDD, there is no requirement for them to even justify their vote. That's how the law is written. Just another entitled developer with deep pockets pushing a frivolous lawsuit through the courts as a scare tactic. Your proposal was voted down, time to move along. No one has forgotten your unabashed threats. And nobody likes a bully." Apr 17, 18 12:18 AM

Outpouring Of Support For East Hampton Sommelier Detained By ICE

His parents are citizens, his sister is a citizen and his wife is a citizen. What part of "this is wrong" does not make sense to you?" Apr 18, 18 3:49 PM

AND he has committed no crimes." Apr 18, 18 3:50 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman Announces Run For Suffolk County Comptroller This Fall

Pretty sure Jay had to raise taxes to make up for the abhorrent state ATH put the Town into. Zero percent budget increase for 5 years? If a private business ran that way, they would be out of business in a hurry. Costs go up every year. What she did was irresponsible and now the Town has to play catch up on its crumbling infrastructure thanks to her." May 30, 18 2:09 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

Unusual?? Do you have any reporters west of the canal? This is a daily occurrence from April until August." Jun 11, 18 9:59 AM

Gershon Wins Democratic Primary; Zeldin Attacks City Roots

Time to get rid of spineless Zeldin and his rubber stamp for Trump's failed policies." Jun 20, 18 9:09 AM

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