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Zeldin Wins Election To Third Term, But Democrats See Other Victories

If EVER we needed term limits, it's now!" Nov 7, 18 1:48 PM

What's Next For Perry Gershon

Really?? Are you talking about Pres Trump? He's the one who has never done anything for anyone but himself. What a joke. And now his puppet Zeldin is there to rubber stamp his decimation of the middle class for another 2 years." Nov 13, 18 2:48 PM

Schneiderman Still Not Ready To Concede Comptroller Race Until All Absentee Ballots Are Counted

I seem to recall the Democrats, not the GOP working to provide healthcare for all, end dependence on foreign oil, regulate Wall Street and big banks, de-privatize prisons, end the Iraq war oh and also remove PAC money from elections, maintain net neutrality, the list goes on and on. But yeah I can see how that equates to the GOP position." Nov 19, 18 8:58 AM

Southampton Town Board Adopts $102.7 Million Budget For 2019 On Tuesday

Unfortunately you hit it on the head- it's not the municipal taxes, it's the school taxes that are hurting people." Nov 21, 18 8:18 AM

Work Begins On Canoe Place Inn Project In Hampton Bays

Yes! An over-developed, overcrowded mess where regular people can no longer afford to live and only the rich have access to the waterfront. Let's continue doing that." Dec 5, 18 11:27 AM

No but the Town Board is obligated to follow all of the comprehensive plans it's done for the last 40 years and this project is in violation of all of them. Because the rich always get what they want." Dec 6, 18 8:41 AM

UPDATE: Zeldin Votes Against Bill To Block Trump's National Emergency Declaration

But putting children in cages, that's fine. SMH" Feb 26, 19 12:05 PM

What a shocker, spineless Lee doing as Donny tells him. So much for checks and balances." Feb 26, 19 12:07 PM

Southampton Town Board Moves Forward With Community Choice Aggregation

If you had actually gone to any of the presentations, you would know that individual homeowners can opt out. That should have been mentioned in the article." Mar 1, 19 9:04 AM

UPDATE: Zeldin Votes Against Bill To Block Trump's National Emergency Declaration

If "traitor" means defending Congress' Constitutional right to allocate funds and not have them absconded by the Executive branch... smh." Mar 1, 19 9:15 AM

East End Officials Weigh In On County Proposal To Opt Out Of Marijuana Legalization

As usual, our government officials on the wrong side of history." Mar 6, 19 4:15 PM

Zeldin Votes No On Democrats' Resolution Condemning Bigotry, Wanting It To Name Names

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me." Mar 8, 19 4:28 PM

Rechlers Offer Timeline For Canoe Place Inn Restoration And Townhouse Project In Hampton Bays

If you call selling off the most unique publicly accessible land in HB to the highest second-home bidder, leaving the locals to deal with the additional traffic, sewage in their back yard and no hope of ever buying one of these condos "doing a great job" then yeah, they are doing a great job!" Apr 15, 19 12:23 PM

Southampton Town Board Looks To Finalize Hampton Bays Overlay District

It seems you complain a lot but what are your solutions? You want to revitalize HB but you don't want any more development. So what's the answer? The long range planning is trying to facilitate a balance of sensible development, which has resulted in revitalization in many other areas. Do you want HB to look like Route 58 or Main Street Sag Harbor?" May 21, 19 8:53 AM

Hampton Bays Water District Customers Could Soon See Significant Increase In Water Rates To Maintain Local Control

Seems to me that this much of a disaster could not have been created in 2-4 years, it's been going on for well over a decade. I don't see how you can hold the current board responsible for that. Not to mention the fact that the water district management is responsible for reporting to the commissioners - it's their job to tell the town board what's needed, they are supposedly the professionals. If they say year after year that everything is fine, how is the town board to know otherwise? Go with County water and let professionals manage the district." Jul 1, 19 9:42 AM

Shinnecock Urges State Supreme Court To Dismiss Lawsuit Over Billboards

So now you're threatening neighbors who have owned property for decades? Nice. Way to get the community on your side." Jul 1, 19 9:48 AM

Nancy Goroff Announces Bid To Challenge Zeldin For Congressional Seat

Good luck to Ms. Goroff! We could use someone with their own independent brain representing us!" Jul 10, 19 10:19 AM

Artists Defeat Writers In 71st Annual Charity Softball Game

We have a criminal in the White House, but yeah, let's go dig up 25 year old conspiracy theories!" Aug 20, 19 12:45 PM

Students Voice Their Concerns About Returning To School In Climate Of Gun Violence

Thomas Jefferson wasn't walking around with an AK47. Wake up!" Sep 10, 19 9:52 AM

There are more guns on the streets and they are more deadly now than ever before in the last 40 years. Look at the stats in countries that have passed gun laws. Facts don't lie!" Sep 10, 19 9:53 AM

State Assemblyman Thiele Proposes Elimination Of $1 Shuttle Bus Fare For Commuter Connection

If the local government is truly concerned with alleviating traffic, the connecting bus should be free. I'm sure ridership isn't that huge that it would be a big expense. They need something to kick start public transportation on the east end." Sep 11, 19 9:09 AM

Civic Association Urges Southampton Town To Force Sale Of Land For Riverside Sewer District Project

Actually the Supreme Court ruled that this is perfectly legal, in fact you can use Eminent Domain even for a private company to take land as long as it's guaranteed to be beneficial to a community (i.e. create jobs). Whether it's ethical or not, that's a whole other story." Nov 13, 19 3:08 PM

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