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Peconic Landing Looks To Expand To Southampton Town, Will Help Draft Changes To Zoning Code

This type of Mature Adult Housing is SO BADLY NEEDED here in our township. Let's hope the NIMBY's who destroyed the shopping center project don't try to stand in the way of this project.
" Jun 30, 17 12:23 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Signs Off Thursday On Environmental Study For 'The Hills'

My understanding is the property will be developed by right and that The Hills project will also contribute $2.5M to the Southampton Housing Fund which will help build affordable housing for teachers, town employees, shop-keepers, young people who would like to live here, but can't afford to and others, which we so badly need. Do you know that a study done 20 years ago stated that Southampton town had a deficit of 5000 affordable unit, and that deficit has only grown. NIMBY's will be NIMBY's and come up with all sorts of hysterical and cynical falsehoods to scare people. I am a YIMBY for The Hills. " Sep 16, 17 11:21 AM

If you are correct and a loophole has, in fact, been used to avoid that contribution to the SH Housing Fund, then I would not support the project." Sep 17, 17 7:18 PM

This loophole was closed and they will, in fact be contributing as much as $2.6M to the SHTown Housing Fund if the project is approved. This was confirmed by Diana Weir, SHTown Housing and Community Development." Sep 19, 17 10:08 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Presents Proposed $99 Million Budget For 2018

you guys are funny! Who's on first???" Sep 29, 17 4:05 PM

Southampton Town Officials Debate New Affordable Accessory Apartments Proposal

We're either part of the problem or part of the solution. Let's get off our duffs and run for Town Board or join a board or committee that can help implement solutions. Then see what it's like to deal with the NIMBY's (Not In MY BackYarders) and CAVE (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) People that come to these meetings and vomit over every constructive solution presented and sit around from home vomiting on solutions through the comments section of this site. " Aug 8, 18 2:54 PM

As East End Faces An Affordable Housing Shortage, There's A Call For YIMBY

Thank you, JD, for the coverage of this VERY important topic! Mike" Aug 27, 18 1:01 PM

Sag Harbor Village And Outskirts Outperform

Good info Tom!" Feb 19, 19 8:43 PM

Cross-Town Friends Plead For Beach Parking Neighborliness

Thanks Michael Wright and 27East for bringing this to light. We really would love to be able to beach together!" Feb 26, 19 2:17 PM

Sixty-Unit Workforce Housing Complex Being Considered On County Road 39 In Southampton

Terrific plan. Attainable apartments for vet's, local workers. Be a YIMBY!!" Mar 7, 19 12:36 PM

The Overtourism Conundrum

Thanks Anne, for this terrific synopsis of several of our challenges and some examples of other communities implementing solutions. We desperately need regional (East End) economic development and housing initiatives to reduce the addiction we locals have to wealthy tourists who are now here just two months a year. Our political leaders must commit to preserving localism which is the heart and soul of the East End. " May 25, 19 2:32 AM

Developer Proposing 60 Affordable Apartments Could Get Chance To Apply For A Zoning Change Next Month

Concern For Independent Living has removed the use of Hillcrest Ave from the plan. When the supervisor asked for a "show of hands" in support of the Community Development, I believe 21 people raised their hands. When he asked for those opposed, 3 people raised their hands, and each person opposed was there to oppose the use of Hillcrest Ave. Why that was not reported in this article is sad!
Ralph Fasano and CIL are highly respected Community Developers throughout Long Island and have built many healthy and well managed apartment communities that fit in beautifully with their communities and this one will do the same when done.
Our community, our local residents, our business owners, our parents, our children and our veterans need this and more community developments like this in order to live comfortably and to help stop the tide of local people having the leave the area because they can't find a place to live.
We must stop allowing the words "affordable housing' to trigger our racist fears which leads to the thinking that "poor" people will move into our neighborhoods and change the quality of our lives.
These apartments will be for us, because 85% of the names on our Town Lottery are local people.
This is not your feared "affordable Housing", but housing that is more affordable and we're fortunate that Ralph has the courage to stand up and put his valuable time, energy and resources into our town and that NYState is willing to earmark the funds needed to allow the project to happen.
" Aug 8, 19 9:29 AM

And you're denying it. How original of you!
The access exists without going through Hillcrest and this will be a beneficial Community Development for locals and business owners." Aug 8, 19 6:32 PM

Major Housing Complex Proposal Sees Resistance From Westhampton Beach Neighbors

Of course people will come out to oppose it! That's the American way!
But how many of those who oppose it have family members living in their basements or garages or extra bedrooms? Or children who have left the area? Or parents who had to move because there were no places for them to live when they couldn't manage their homes? Get real folks!!! We need more places for people to live. And the Boards need to have the guts to look past the angry NIMBY's and do the right thing for ALL members of the community." Oct 1, 19 10:52 AM

Press Session In Southampton On Friday To Focus On Affordable Housing

Jobs and Housing are chicken 'n egg thing.
A number of companies that have considered moving here sited the lack of housing that is affordable for their employees as a reason for not opening their business here. But I agree, we need more, better paying jobs on the East End.
" Oct 5, 19 5:02 PM

I thought the same thing yesterday. Good suggestion to the Press!
" Oct 5, 19 5:03 PM