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Date set for approval of Oakland Farms subdivision in Quiogue

I bought on Bridle Path in the 90's and at the time the properties on the backside of that development were non-existent. The Realtor swore they were protected. I debated buying further back in the development but didn't feel like building from scratch. Glad I didn't seems my woodsy neighbor would now be a development." Nov 1, 09 8:11 PM

Winter business vacancies in East Hampton raise concerns about corporate retailers

wasn't it just a few years ago that East Hampton was decrying that Ralph Lauren was planting itself in its town? " Nov 9, 09 2:44 PM

Mayor says Dune Road widening project will move forward despite opposition

They wrote: "Traffic on the two-lane road leading to the park has worsened over the past decade, as more and more homes have popped up along Dune Road, according to some residents."

If you live on Dune Road you aren't going to Cupsogue! These are not residents of WHB, Quiogue, etc (for the most part). These are Suffolk people w/ green keys" Nov 11, 09 10:36 PM

Yankees treasure to be returned

It's disturbing the thought of easing the financial burden was even lurking. The short of it is..if it isn't your don't take it. If you were the one who lost it...wouldn't you expect it to be returned too?

Character!" Nov 11, 09 10:42 PM

Non-profit groups plead for more funding from East Hampton

As an officer in a 501c3, I can attest NFP's provide a valued service where private enterprise and government do not operate. It is the Director's obligation to develop other sources of funding to ensure the stability of the entity. To rely solely on one revenue stream is truly the kiss of death in any organization.
" Nov 11, 09 10:48 PM

Westhampton Beach expects to make decision soon on synagogue application

ooops you mean you caught me?

Now how would it play if the "kitchen" caught fire and the house burend to the ground b/c it did not have a proper ansul system?

sayitaintso joe got it exactly right

" Nov 12, 09 10:27 PM

Planning Board votes against rescinding Woodfield Gables decision

isn't a plume a good thing? Oh wait maybe not...let's not buy there!" Nov 12, 09 10:29 PM

Mayor says Dune Road widening project will move forward despite opposition

Elitism has nothing to do with it. I am merely pointing out the fallacy of the argument. The "new homes" on Dune road are Westhampton Dune homes not Westhampton beach homes. Don't you get the irony that for the WH Dunes folks to have access it in effect re-opened Cupsoge. if there is elitism it's the WHD folks who want access but want to limit (I won't say deny) access to green key persons.

PA write again if you need me to type slower so you get it " Nov 12, 09 10:49 PM

Former Suffolk legislator and four others arraigned in mortgage fraud scheme

Bet those grill marks look ore like a riding crop ...ehh Macpherson!" Nov 12, 09 10:53 PM

Dune Road residents discuss beach fencing, roads

“I am the biggest advocate for living in a village,” he said, citing higher property values, lower crimes rates and an improved quality of life. Huh? Quiogue is not incorporated and it has lower property taxes and does not pay for a mayor...now that is quality of life!" Nov 12, 09 11:22 PM

Dune Road flood fix is expected to cost $7 million

Call me when it gets to your knees" Nov 12, 09 11:27 PM

I'll save you $6, 999, 950 and I'll get him out of a sensible pump into a Huggy Bear type high heel. That'll keep his cuffs dry" Nov 12, 09 11:28 PM

Town code enforcement again raids Westhampton home owned by Kabot's aunt

The easy solution is to move all the immigrants to the illegal house next to the Synagogue." Nov 14, 09 6:54 PM

Bishop asks Paterson for disaster area designation

The system is broken. I pay 15K a year for house inurance. It covers a rebuild so it has little to do with current economic value (my purchase or potential sale). Worse yet there is a hurricane deductible of 5%. That means I pay 5% of any losses. On a 2M house that is 100K. Since my house survived 1938, one can assume it'll survive another hurricane (I am not on Dune road or the bay). Logic says cancel the insurance and roll the dice for the next 10 years (not a bad bet really) BUT the mortgage company requires full coverage for their investment (the land alone is worth more than my mortgage today but I digress)

A better system would have it that coverage is capped and homeowners bear the risk of second luxury homes." Dec 7, 09 9:05 AM

In-home bars, pub rooms and libation stations

I don't know them but i like them already!" Jan 19, 10 12:20 AM

Body washes ashore on Plum Island

Why wouldn't you suspect foul play? He was wearing a short sleeved shirt and loafers. It doesn't sound like kayaking or boating clothes for January now does it? He certainly wasn't running on the beach in long pants and loafers. I bet the cops can't solve this one because they are still trying to draw a chalk mark around the body while it's still in the surfline" Jan 20, 10 8:33 AM

Westhampton Beach expects to make decision soon on synagogue application

The people living there should not be subject to a commercial venture in a residential area. The garbage and its removal is certainly one good point. Additionally, the foot traffic and parking is the other. " Jan 20, 10 4:47 PM

Hampton Bays condo plan moves forward

I seriously doubt that condos by Ponquogue bridge will add to school taxes. While they are targeting families I am sure tey won't be living there year round. If anything it would reduce your tax or more likely alleviate a future burden.

The first question should be, do you really want condos at all? Secondly,the much vaunted S'hampton Board should really htink how they want to let developers develop on or near water. From personal experience, I'd argue that the S'Hampton Council is really interested in furthering the developers needs over the existing tax base's investments." Jan 25, 10 11:03 AM

Broderick to star in Hamptons-based sitcom

Wow...hate much? That was over 20 years ago! Was it tragic, certainly. Can they come back? No. But the rest of us must move on. " Feb 2, 10 10:00 PM

Westhampton Beach School Board poised to appoint architect

There are 200 homes in zip 11978 that are in pre-foreclosue (lis pendens) per Realty trac.com

In town we have vacant: the National, the bowling alley, they old gas station on Main, Dora's, metro, the Shell and the old gas station near the bowling alley. That's a pretty weak tax base.

You have a Police Department under investigation and an overpaid chief w/o a contract (sounds dilly but it is true).

Frankly this is just dumb and someone needs to stand up and say so" Feb 5, 10 9:28 AM

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