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Living Shoreline Guidelines Announced By DEC In An Effort To Move Away From Bulkheads

Awesome! Very exciting to see not only the East End, but all of New York State taking this more practical and sustainable approach to erosion control." Jan 9, 18 3:05 PM

East End High School Students Walk Out In Protest Of Gun Violence Wednesday

"It was the ADULTS who immediately devolved into the rabid and vitriolic mentality of many out here who immediately resort to insulting and attacking the character of anyone who has a different opinion." - localEH

"This is a perfect example of the bottomless and unparalleled ignorance of liberals." - localEH

Seriously? Your doing the same thing to "liberals" that you are accusing them of. I agree, there are absolutely liberal people who do this (also conservatives), but we all need to calm down and hear each other out, no matter how much we disagree. It is OKAY for people to disagree, but we have to be able to have civil discourse or we will get nowhere on gun violence and every other pressing issue facing the country." Mar 22, 18 10:42 AM

Surfboard Fin Can Help Scientists Study The Effects Of Climate Change

If you read the article you would have seen that the data being collected is coastal, NOAA collects mostly open ocean data so there is value in additional data points previously not collected. They are also developing fins for paddle boards to collect data in harbors and inlets.

So while it might not be making as big a impact on climate change as I'm sure we'd all like, collecting as many data points as possible, especially on Long Island, will help us better understand the local changes to our beaches and water ways as the effects of climate change continue to unfold." Sep 4, 18 3:50 PM

Suffolk County District Attorney Deploys DWI Checkpoints, Patrols Over Labor Day Weekend

Well unfortunately for the drivers, when you consider it will cost them up to $10,000 for the DWI, that's $90k going to the department." Sep 10, 18 10:20 AM

Erosion Exposes Montauk Sandbags In Summer For First Time

I'll have to check that out.

The fact of the matter is, that beach erosion is inevitable here. We are a barrier island and despite how much sand and money we throw at this problem it will never stop the erosion.

It is time for us to stop fighting Mother Nature, it's always a losing battle. We need to build structures either in places where they aren't immediately threatened by erosion or to design them in such a way that they can be easily assembled and reassembled as necessary. It makes far more sense to spend money on these projects and relocating those in the path of erosion that it does to keep throwing money into the sea.

I know it is a tough thing for people to accept and I certainly don't have all the answers. However, more sand simply isn't the solution, especially with the reality of climate change which means more storms and more erosion." Sep 13, 18 4:45 PM

Precisely, very well said." Sep 13, 18 4:46 PM

Lake Agawam Coated By Worst Algae Bloom Ever Recorded On Long Island

I'm sure that there is plenty of other pollution running into the lake from street runoff, however, heavy metals and other pollutants wouldn't cause these types of algal blooms. There is no doubt that the nitrogen leaching from the septic systems and lawn fertilizer runoff are playing a major role in the blue-green algae blooms. " Sep 19, 18 4:30 PM

You don't know what you're talking about. First of all, "the water is nitrate" makes no sense. There is nitrate in the water, yes. However, major sources of nitrogen pollution, including nitrate,
come from many sources, as stated by the EPA here:


"...lawn and garden fertilizers, pet waste, leaking septic tanks, and aerially-deposited nitrogen from powerplant emissions and vehicle exhaust". So, is some of the nitrogen pollution from road runoff? Yes, of course. However, if you're denying that the fertilizer and septic systems on the private property surrounding the lake has nothing to do with the algae blooms, you're 100% WRONG." Sep 21, 18 8:09 AM

Zeldin Proposal On North Shore Helicopter Route Signed By President Trump

I find it discouraging as a young person who lives on the east end to see all the partisan bickering and especially the trolling in the comment section of my local paper from people I assume are full grown adults..." Oct 10, 18 10:37 AM

Trump Endorses Zeldin; Giffords Supports Gershon In East End Congressional Race

LOL replace it with what? They had no plan for what to replace it with, they were only going to repeal it." Oct 10, 18 1:13 PM

Zeldin, Gershon Debate Environmental Issues In Riverhead On Monday Evening

So instead of making partisan jabs "mob lib demo" (good one by the way, very clever) what do you suggest to improve the efficacy of our local government? " Oct 18, 18 8:36 AM

Zeldin, Gershon And The Two Issues That Are Defining 2018

You should really see a mental health professional..." Oct 29, 18 9:33 AM

East Hampton Village Embraces Rain Gardens

Awesome! More common sense plantings like these can really help put a dent in
the water pollution problems we are seeing all over the East End! " Nov 6, 18 3:37 PM

Suffolk DA Public Integrity Bureau Investigating Campaign Forgery Allegations In East Hampton

We need to start using the Reddit slang "/s" at the end of a sentence to indicate sarcasm...its getting hard to tell in these comments." Nov 15, 18 2:47 PM

Southampton Town Looks At Banning Plastic Straws And Foam Food Containers

North Sea Citizen, the Surfrider Foundation is working with the town to ban the intentional release of said balloons, just FYI! Right now it is currently legal to release 25 balloons into the air once every 24 hours. Weird law right? " Dec 3, 18 8:20 AM

Well here's the thing with paper and trees...they are renewable resources, which when managed properly, can be harvested sustainably. Also, its a friggin straw! I understand some disabled people may need straws, but nobody else NEEDS a stupid straw to sip their over-priced Hampton Coffee iced latte. If we can't make this one small step towards less plastic pollution then we are screwed in regards to addressing climate change." Dec 5, 18 10:47 AM

You know, there was a time before plastic? There are plenty of alternatives available. Brown paper bags (renewable resource) or how about a good old fashion burlap bag?" Dec 5, 18 11:09 AM

Wainscott CAC Says It Is Against Wind Farm Cable Coming To Beach Lane

“Denial of the developer’s request for an easement at Beach Lane does not prevent East Hampton from adding wind power to its sources of alternative energy, since Hither Hills State Park has been identified as a viable alternative landing site. However, this denial will save the larger Wainscott community from environmental disturbances and disruptions.”

What a load of BS..."save the larger Wainscott community from environmental disturbances and disruptions"?!?!

How about saving Hither Hills, one of the only remaining pristine ecosystems on Long Island, from environmental disturbances and disruptions?

Blatant NIMBY-ism. They would rather destroy pristine parkland than have to drive their Mercedes on the shoulder for the few weekends they're out here... " Jan 2, 19 8:46 AM

East Hampton Town Board Considers Banning Balloon Releases

There is absolutely NO reason whatsoever that the intentional release of balloons should be allowed. The fact that there is a law on the books allowing it is absolute insanity. Our beaches are our greatest asset on the East End, this ban is a simple way to help further protect that asset. " Jan 22, 19 8:13 AM

South Fork Commuter Connection Off To Slow Start

Believe it or not, reading the article can be helpful." Mar 21, 19 9:19 AM

Southampton Village Approves Ban On Summertime Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Use

Where exactly in the village are real estate prices dropping like a rock? I know someone who pays $1500/month to rent a one bedroom apartment in the village and that's about as cheap as you'll get out here." Apr 23, 19 8:07 AM

East Hampton Wants To Use Donation For BearCat Armored Vehicle For Police Department

Okay seriously East Hampton...are you kidding me?

I don't have access to the full article right now, but unless this thing is fire proof and can help rescue people from forest fires, this is absolutely INSANE!

What possible purpose would this military grade vehicle serve for the Town of East Hampton???

Call me crazy, but I don't like the idea of my local police department having access to vehicles developed for a war zone! We don't need to militarize our police force any further..." Apr 29, 19 4:36 PM

Yeah, guns I understand, but last time I checked, East Hampton wasn't an effin war zone. How on earth are you okay with your local police having a military vehicle? " Apr 30, 19 7:38 AM

Southampton Village Mayor Points To Homeowners, Heavy Rains For Lake Agawam Fish Kill

Piazza Horticultural did the plant selection, design and planting for the project as well. Besides helping to filter out pollutants, these wetland plants develop far deeper root systems than grass allowing them to absorb more water into the soil during rain events. Common sense plantings like these are a practical, affordable and beautiful solution to many of the water problems that are facing the East End." May 2, 19 7:54 AM

Dead Humpback Whale Washes Up At Cupsogue Beach In Westhampton Sunday

It will be interesting to see how much plastic is in the whales stomach considering there are no external indicators of what caused its death. " May 6, 19 10:43 AM

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