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State senate passes bill against zone pricing of gasoline

Thanks, Adam Bradley. " Aug 26, 08 5:10 PM

Religious gathering garners attention in village

So, when you get down to it, there's two people complaining about Orthodox Jews in Westhampton Beach -- and one of them doesn't even live in the village!

So why is the Building Inspector spending his Saturday mornings staking out a private home because of "suspected Judiasm" rather than catching the illegal contractors doing unpermited work on weekends? " Aug 27, 08 8:45 AM

Developer declines to make presentation to village

Little Bobby Muchnick is acting like a whiny little punk. Like everyone else, he and his dad got caught in the housing (construction) switches and now that their project is on the verge of being fully approved, they are looking for a way to recoup their investment costs to date without actually proceeding!

Man up Muchnicks... the worst thing that could happen to you now is for Westhampton Beach to give you all your approvals. What would you do then? " Oct 11, 08 9:36 AM

East Hampton fires financial consultant

The disclosure of that e-mail from Mr. Lynn may be said to be a career-limiting move." Oct 22, 08 12:31 AM

Quogue officials say gas station deal might be off table

It's Quogue, you doofus! Can't have sonething like that in Quogue, how, could we?!?" Oct 22, 08 12:34 AM

County considers roundabout for Flanders intersection

Funny, I never thought of that "triangle" being in Flanders.

Many of the problems would be solved if motorists coming from Riverhead would signal their intention to either bear left toward Quogue/East Quogue, or turn right toward Gabreski Airport." Oct 25, 08 10:44 AM

Union protests wages paid by bowling alley owners

Scew the unions! Be happy that there's work to be had." Oct 25, 08 7:07 PM

Restaurant owner robbed in Westhampton Beach

"Time to get a NYS pistol permit."

And do what, Matt? Personal security is much more than mindess utterances like that!" Oct 25, 08 7:09 PM

Law to cut gas prices goes into effect in November

As pump prices decrease, the fuel surcharge should also go down, if not disappear all together." Oct 25, 08 7:19 PM

Town Justices upset over criticisms about court schedules

The basis of reporter Bossetta's story, if his math is right, seems to be a valid assessment that the original rationale for creating the fourth Justice position, has not been realized. If I read it correctly, that fourth Justice, Burke, isn't handling additional cases, just lessening the three existing Justices' work-load. The end result, they are getting the same pay for less work.

Is that actually a photo of "Town Justice Barbara Wilson???" I hope that Mr. Bossetta never has to appear in front of her. (Or does she look that way in real life?)" Oct 30, 08 9:19 AM

Rivercatwalk developer files $25 million lawsuit against Southampton Town

I don't think it was a Campanelli case, but someone up west who brought a similar Federal civil rights action against Sea Cliff and when he lost, had to cough up almost a million dollars in attorney's fees to the defendants." Oct 31, 08 1:53 PM

Actually, the plaintiff didn't "lose." His case was dismissed as "groundless," which is probably why he was sanctioned for the other side's legal fees. I found it on the Beachblog: http://www.whbqt.info/template_permalink.asp?id=479 ." Oct 31, 08 2:01 PM

Just noticed the comment by Foodie that Russo somehow broke a confidence by revealing that Gotthelf had filed a lawsuit against the Town.

How is that "breaking a confidence?" If the Town has been served with her notice, then that's a matter of public record.

Look, I'm all for orderly development in the neighborhood, but stop with the paranoid accusations already! Did the woman really think she could sue the Town in secret??? " Oct 31, 08 2:22 PM

Dredging project will bolster Smith Point, Cupsogue beaches

Very interesting, Mr. Rodney, but I'm not sure that's accurate science.

Some years back I attended a hearing on this matter, and recall one of the Southampton Town Trustees making a very strong statement about the damage such an incursion of Ocean water with its heavier saline content, would cause acquatic plant and animal life in the bays." Nov 2, 08 8:41 AM

County considers roundabout for Flanders intersection

JM, I have lived here for "a long time," and I pass through that intersection up to ten times a week, 48 weeks a year.

99% of any problems there could be avoided by the simple courtesy of drivers from the Northwest signaling their intentions.

It has nothing to do with Gabreski Airport, but I agree about paying attention, watching one's speed, signaling directions, and following traffic laws.

But your intention "to make the intersection as idiot proof of possible" is not only, as you acknowledge, expensive, it's unrealistic in a disturbingly Democratic way. Nothing can be idiot-proofed, and it's folly to try!

" Nov 3, 08 11:26 AM

Store owner wants Silly String banned

Silly String is an object. The problem is not the silly string but the behavior. " Nov 15, 08 12:17 PM

Following hate crimes, a new town policy

Right! Lucius Ware feels his place in life is on the steps of Town Hall with cameras and microphones." Dec 4, 08 1:12 AM

County Road 39 billboards defaced

Harbor man, if you really thought that "police states died with Hitler," then you need to get out of Sag more often! What do you think Cuba has been for the past half-century? Or Cambodia under Pol Pot? Or Panama under Noriega? Or NYC since Giuliani?

Allusions to Hitler and Nazis are stupid if you weren't there!" Dec 9, 08 9:32 AM

Gasoline prices are still inflated here, despite new law

If everyone "colludes" and boycotts local gasoline stations in favor of those in Riverhead and "further up the island," then the stations around here will soon be shuttered.

Didn't think about that too much, did you, Landarchi?

I'm fortunate that I can easily fill up close to home. I feel sorry for everyone who lives and works East of the Canal.

O, and Tim Bishop won't be of any help on this!" Dec 11, 08 12:44 PM

Remsenburg Speonk taxpayers reject $14.9 million project

Yikes! That's a MAJOR rejection!" Dec 13, 08 12:45 PM

New plans for Westhampton nightclub

That "club" or retail liquor establishment predates virtually all of the "local residents," PrivateerMatt." Dec 15, 08 8:53 AM

Blaze guts longtime firefighter’s home

BruceB, close your mouth and re-read the article -- pay particular attention to whose decision it was to not call in an alarm.

SHFD, old guy loses his home and pets, and you're peeing and moaning and being territorial?!? Got a gripe with the facts of the story, contact the reporter or New Editor, use your real name (scary thought, isn't it?) and provide corrective information.

Wonderful thing about news on the internet -- it's quckly updated and corrected!" Dec 15, 08 9:08 AM

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